I am a devoted Christian. (Please contact me if you want to discuss further!)
Church Membership

I am a happily active (currently primarily online) member of Grace Bible Church. I’m thankful for this local church’s strong theology and online streaming availability. One of the highlight sermon-series for me was Pastor Blake Jennings’s 4-week long series on the Bible.

I am also an active member of the Junction Young Adults group. (Again, I primarily attend online these days. I look forward to returning to in-person activities, but now is not the right time.) I’m thankful to be involved with a community of Christians who are about my age, and post-college!


Undergraduate work at Grove City College
I went to Grove City College (GCC) for my B.A. in Political Science. While there, I earned triple minors in:
1) mathematics,
2) computer science, and
3) business analytics.
(Can you tell I enjoy math and stats?)

M.A. at UC Davis
After finishing at GCC, I went straight to UC Davis’s political science graduate program. My research interests there included Comparative Politics (my primary field), research methodology, and international relations.

I especially enjoyed studying dynamic representation (which looks at how constituents and political parties relate and respond to each other), network analysis (which basically uses graph theory to help explain interconnectedness of political entities), and the formal-theoretic version of spatial modeling. (This pure math type of spatial modeling shouldn’t be confused with the econometric and stats version of spatial modeling, which is more similar to network analysis.)

Ph.D. at TAMU (expected graduation in 2021)
I am presently at Texas A&M University. My major subfield is comparative politics. My minors include research methodology and American politics.

While here, my favorite courses have included:
1) Maximum Likelihood Estimation. The professor used Mathematica to help demonstrate some of the stuff we were studying. As an extremely visual person, this helped a lot. Also, I had the opportunity to get into the weeds of R code for some of the homework. That was super fun.
2) Diversity in Politics. This course especially focused on gender representation questions. As gender representation is simultaneously a descriptive representation question and a topic that many constituents care about as a policy issue, the subject matter led to some interesting discussions. I also really appreciated how the professor ran the course: We had good, in-depth discussions of the material; and we were also encouraged to not only find potential areas for improvement with the research we read, but also to talk about what the authors did well.
3) Public Administration and Public Policy. This was a pretty new area for me, and I loved studying the material. It brought extra depth and dimension to the political phenomena that I’d been previously studying.